Monas Simskola

School Group Classes

Swimming Instruction for All Levels

  • ✔ Highly qualified swimming instructors
  • ✔ Children are grouped by age and swimming ability
  • ✔ Tailored instruction according to skills
  • ✔ Focused on safety, enjoyment and proper technique
  • ✔ Extensive experience offering school group lessons
  • ✔ Registration and Fees are done directly with Monas Simskola
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Course Details:

  • Ages 5-11
  • All swimming abilities welcome
  • Classes once per week.
  • 10 or 15 sessions.
  • Min 5 children needed per group
  • Pick up by easily identifiable Child Minders who gathers kids at designated point
  • Transportation by Insured bus or mini-bus
  • 45 min swimming lesson at designated pool
  • Caretakers help children in changing rooms
  • After lesson, healthy snack is provided
  • Drive back and drop off at School gate
  • WhatsApp groups are created to keep parents updated on traffic delays

Choose Your Preferred Schedule:

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